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Crowded cafee

A mobile application that tells how crowded a cafee is at the moment
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    Yeah, and how do you intend to get that data?
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    @PrivateGER by cafe employees or customers but i need to brainstorm more concerning it
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    It's called Google Maps and has the biggest dataset behind it, including Live stats
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    @Kimmax so can it tell me how crowded a café is?

    Also, which country are we talking about?
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    @Floydian yes, if there's enough data maps shows live stats determined by the count of Google connected devices and some statistical interpolation
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    @Floydian I doubt that you can move enough ppl to use another app and overtake Google in data gathering
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    @Kimmax @floydian data will be updated by employees and visitors so i guess it will be more accurate
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    @Mba3gar okay, that makes more sense
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    @Kimmax Agreed.

    But Google is for mass audience and having a lot of products. With that logic one can never be able to do anything.

    What OP suggests here is a focused application, unlike Google which is distributed across services.

    And things take time to take shape and grow. That's what evolution is all about.

    Google and other brands are not what they are today, when they started.

    Here, we could focus on one thing and one region. One successful, things can grow.

    Google might as well acquire it, who knows!

    Just my perspective. Opinions can differ ofc.
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    @Floydian Agreed.
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