Force Dark Mode for Android Oreo (8.1)

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Force Dark Mode for Android Oreo (8.1)

The project is done, but needs renaming and logo for upcoming change. What is this? This is a Xposed module, which forces dark (or white) theme. Why is that? Because Google finally introduced global color theme in Android Oreo 8.1, but it was automatically detecting it from wallpaper and they forgot to add user setting to change it manually. So every live wallpaper has to implement the detection, which is not realistic from the dev perspective. I just wanted to have my live wallpaper and dark themed UI. What is changing? I'm adding option to force light theme, by request of some users. The change is almost ready, but I need some creative minds to come up with: 1. New name 2. Launcher icon Github: https://github.com/joas8211/ForceDarkModeOreo
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    Substratum is third-party theming engine, but Google is trying out integrated theming as I said.

    XForceTheme sounds good, but people might be searching a resolution for Oreo 8.1's WallpaperColor API, instead of alternative solution. But I'll keep that in-mind.
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    Actually XForceTheme sound really good.
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    What about BlackOreo??
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    NegrO (sounds bad in english, but I mean it in spanish, which just means black) (better not use it...)
    Burnt Oreo

    The logo could be a half light, half dark Oreo cookie.

    Too bad I don't use Xposed anymore. Oreo is such a good OS that I don't feel I'm missing out with without root access and Xposed. Ideas like these make me want to go back.
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    Also, your xda thread and repo readme need screenshots to exemplify the effect and the difference between stock, light and dark.
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    Thanks for valuable feedback, I'll add screenshots.
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    why not calling it dark chocolatO ?
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