Building a Team of passionate opensource supporters

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Building a Team of passionate opensource supporters

Created an open source project TEAM. Team is the team of people who supports opensource communities. It leverage Github echo system to let people find you, if you're a supporter. -------- If you are one of the open source community supporter, join us on Github
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    Why do you want to do this?
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    @Floydian many people (like me) managing many projects are looking for support from other people. many people specially fresher or first timers are looking projects to contribute.

    There're some sites which is already doing this task on the basis of labels. But they're limited to 'first-timers-only', 'help wanted', and 'good first issue'. Moreover they all are working on the concept where people're looking project for contribution.

    My aim is behind this project is to let people search contributors and supporters.
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    @amitgupta what you mentioned is how you will do it and what the project will be.

    I am asking why?!!

    Hint: Simon Sinek's Why.
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    @Floydian Currently I'm managing around 8-9 active projects. There are some projects I want to support but not getting the enough time. I want to start some more projects soon. But every time I start a project, I increase my responsibility and decrease time.

    I've left my job 10 months ago. So I'm able to spend enough time on these projects. But due to the financial issues I'm planning to join the job again.

    Hence I'm looking for the support.
    Existing channels helped me to find only first time contributors. I'm already teaching them by raising small issues, spending more time to raising issue than solving them etc. But this is not gonna work.

    Hence I want to make a team where people like me can ask for support.
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    @amitgupta again you said 'what' you are looking for.

    And you are doing it for your projects, so why should anybody join you?

    Aise nahi banegi team bhai. Good luck!
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    @Floydian good to see your reply in Hindi :)

    I'm not doing it for my projects. The idea came in my mind due to my projects. Hence it is completely separate project. No where related to my projects.

    Probably I'm not able to understand what you're asking exactly or failing to explain why I'm looking for this to be happened.
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    @Floydian I've done some changes in the description to explain my purpose.
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    @Floydian the video you shared. I hope I followed it a bit. Please check the link, if it make any sense
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    @amitgupta it doesn't work that way.

    You cannot go to a gym for one day and have abs.

    You have to work for a year or atleast six months for some muscles to come up.

    Incorporate Simon's idea in your life and start living with it only then you'll be able to do it.

    I appreciate your efforts though. Good luck fella!
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    Open source team on a closed source platform. Oh, the irony.
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    @Proximyst I selected this platform to take the advantage of their ecosystem, automatic notifications etc. So without spending on backend or any development, it is sustainable.
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