Blockchain Ebay-like service

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Blockchain Ebay-like service

Blockchain service for selling stuff online. A little backstory: as we all know, Ebay is now rhe biggest platform where you can sell your stuff. But it still has problems. The biggest issue for sellers is probably 10% fee, which also increases price for customer. With a blockchain implementation, we could reduce costs and noticeably lower the fee. I believe that there is actually quite a big market for it. To collect money we will have 2 options: finding an investor, or start with ICO. Let me know what do you think.
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Not sure yet, depends on the team
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1, havn't been looking yet
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    I'd say find a stupid investor, but add in a few more buzzwords because "blockchain" alone might not cut the bullshit bingo anymore. Make sure you yourself are well paid when developing because that's the only thing that will come out of that.
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    @Fast-Nop you really don't think there is a market for it?
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    No, because the main asset of Ebay is the number of its participants. The technology is pretty irrelevant.

    Reminds me of the P2P hype back then when people looked at Napster and thought everything P2P while the main feature of Napster was that you could find any song you wanted.
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    Network externalities
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    No, you do not need a blockchain for that. The fee is decided by the company and is there to cover the operational costs. It is not tied to the underlying technology.
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    @endor sure thing, but blockchain allows to reduce cost. That means we could charge lower fee, as operational costs would be lower
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    @DawidCyron so you're planning to force every user to get a copy of your whole blockchain (with all the data bloat you're going to produce, ever) and sync the whole thing every time they want to use your service (which could easily take days)?

    Yeah, nah. Even if you did manage to implement something like that, nobody's ever gonna want to spend hours to sync up all the new data every time they want to browse for the latest offers. Why bother, when you can just click on ebay.com and get a result instantly?

    And how are you going to deal with blockchain spam? How can you stop a malicious user from submitting 47258829 random offers just to bloat your network? 51% attacks? Who mines it, and how?

    I'd suggest you to look for some proper in-depth guides on what a blockchain is, how it *actually* works, and the network architectures it is meant to work with.
    Decentralisation != privacy, and you have to understand the pros and cons of the system, and the tradeoffs that come with it.
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    Also, an ICO is an Initial Coin Offering, ie the first sale of a coin on the market. So unless you're planning to create a token to be used a currency inside your platform (which I strongly advise against - there are some good currencies out there already, we don't need another worthless token), you're not looking for an ICO, but for an investor to support your platform that you want to create.

    (And that's without even mentioning that 99.999% of ICOs are actual scams)
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    this exists already and is crap. I think it's named listia or something.
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