Open source games for rehab

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Open source games for rehab

Hello! Is anyone interested in creating easy to diy games and hardware for physical rehabilitation? I have been sitting on this project for a year and think it'll be a meaningful project to do!
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    Small question: I don't see in the list of hardware the Kinect or Wii controllers. Wouldn't they be useful in this case? They're also cheap.
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    @antorqs hey. Thanks for taking a look! I was more interested in controllers that are not vendor specific cos they could stop producing them anytime. I am very interested in the switch's labo concept but for the reason stated, it is not listed too.

    I think many useful controls can be made with simple electronics and everyday items.

    For the games portion, something on the web browser will be easily accessible and the controllers could feed the game keystrokes, making it pretty flexible. What do you think?
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    @stonefruit Oh I get it. Well, being web based gives platform freedom which is a plus. And if all you wanna do is translate user input into keystrokes it should work.
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    @akasoggybunz hey. focusing specifically on stroke rehab since it is a condition that improves with lot's of repetitive movement early after the incident.

    i don't think there's much commercial solutions. most implementations are university projects, meaning it disappears after grant money finishes. in the past, most use games already on kinect or wii.

    what are your ideas and what are you able to contribute?
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    @akasoggybunz cool. maybe you could try and google around about stroke rehab and understand the subject abit more. I think it will help your understanding and give you ideas!
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