Dev meetups and tutorial sessions

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Dev meetups and tutorial sessions

Realising that lot of people while starting out need help and guidance in programming I have decided to start hosting monthly dev meetups and tutorial sessions to educate young and starting developers If anyone near or around Melbourne wants to pitch in they are most welcome to join in.
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C, C++, C#, Java, Python, Web technologies
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    What day's do you do them?

    I'm a couple hours away but would love to come along some time and chip in where I can
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    I would love to participate!
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    @lxmcf hi as of right now I am just planning out things and expect it to be another couple of months till anything productive can be done since I have uni 5 days a week.
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    @patrik11 thanks just read the comment I just posted
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    quick update for anyone who might be interested

    Created a new github org. link down here


    Anyone interested to join is welcome
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    I've helped approx 40-50 people for their first contribution in opensource developments. I event created a Github organization for collaboration, supporting other developers, and other

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    Hey, I'd love to participate.
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