An extension to evaluate your github repository

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An extension to evaluate your github repository

Hi everyone, We are some students working on a project and I would like to have your feeling about the idea We are creating a tool to analyse s github repository and give a score on 3 categories : - quality (with readme, changelog, contributors file etc) - popularity (number of contributors, nb of forks, stars, etc) - And activity (number of issues/pull request, average merged time, etc) We expect that we can follow a repository (imagine a dependence of your open source project), and advertise you when the repository begin to be obsolete and not anymore maintain We have an extension displayed on the github page of a repository and also a website but not many features on it yet What do you think about it? Any comments are welcome! Also, we are launching a beta so if you're interested, keep me in touch! Hope you enjoy the idea :)
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Go, JavaScript
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    I like the idea... And your website
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    Thanks for this project!

    I rly like such ideas, you can also look into packagequality.com

    But I also found a small bug in functionality, will report it to issues :)
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    Thanks everyone! :)

    @straboniec oh great i didn't know packagequality.com it's cool!
    Did you find an issue on my project?
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    Check "Code Climate" chrome extension as well. They analyze the github repo and give rating and suggestions.
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