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I want to create an app where you can actually give people well defined tickets for bad programming practices. A user can choose from a list of predefined tickets and punishments. Users can suggest and vote on tickets and punishments to be added to the system. Use case : you run into a colleague that did some shit programming, you come to the app, find the infraction and issue a ticket. It v sends the offendor an email, etc. It can even be anonymous. The goal is to have a playful easy way to tell someone their code sucks, but it can also teach them giving reasons so they can also learn. The punishments can be like buy me a beer, or take this course on refactoring or whatever. Sorry for messy description this is on my phone. I will initialize the Github tomorrow morning.. Just doing this now so I don't procrastinate it anymore. Reply if interested. There are monetization ideas, this will not be a waste of time, we will split profits by work contributed.
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php, laravel, MySQL, but not mandatory
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    You are going to get a tickiet for using php propably...
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    @Gregozor2121 lol

    Look, it's a simple project, it doesn't need anything complicated. I'm most comfortable with Laravel and it's more than adequate for the job.

    But I could literrally do it in any language really.

    What would you suggest?
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    Actually, this will be a great opportunity to use Kotlin.


    I'm going with Kotlin. This is a simple enough idea, good to learn a new language with.
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    I really like this idea 📍
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    I only programmed desktop apps...
    I havent done anything with web developent. I only posted it for the MEMEZ

    Good Luck!
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    @heartbleed you're in security, let me ask you does it grind your gears the shit your see everyday.. And.. Why are you in security

    Yes, these are recruitment type questions, sorry I just want to feel your motivation
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    @Jakuho you listed php, good. Also you're from Paris, France, im French Canadian, with ancestors from France. I like you already. Do you know laravel, how many years in php
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    @rant1ng 4 years in php and I know laravel(still things to learn but its ok)
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    @heartbleed cool

    There's definitely a lot of tickets that could be created/issued for security issues.

    Kind of like, someone getting stopped for not wearing a seatbelt.

    This could end up being kind of big.

    @Jakuho that's good enough.

    But I did write "app" even though I was kind of thinking website.... now I"m not sure.

    What do you guys think? If it's App, I'm going to use Kotlin, if just website, then php/laravel

    I have never coded in Kotlin. But I'm sure I can pick it up, however there will be a delay due to the learning curve. Still, it would enable me to create app in the future.

    I'm the kind of person that just has an over abundance of ideas. It's actually kind of sick how many good ideas I have, and no means to get them all done, This was literally just off the cuff, I wrote it while half asleep one night.

    Anyway. Again, there will be monetization, I'm not going to get into it now, that's private.

    I'm going to push this to the next step soon.
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    @rant1ng hmm, kotlin if want to go native and having a better dev / learning.

    Php/laravel in an android container for dev speed i think
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    I need this but i'm sure i'm going to get some ticket
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    I'm in but I may get tickets on laravel controller
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    I'm french canadian too [mtl]!

    With a bit more than a year in full stack lamp dev. No laravel or kotlin tho but i'm a good learner (aren't we all?)

    I'm willing to contribute outside of my full time job to the project. Keep us updated!
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    Interested in this and have Kotlin experience! Hit me up with a github/discord link if there is one!
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    Did this collab die? It sounded fun... :(
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    Sure, it's 71 days later ... but fuck it...

    Git Repo:

    All I did was intialize a laravel project, and the git hub and pushed it.

    Still, it's a start.
    Next is a feature map / feature list brainstorming session

    Gonna be a user, and an admin but might be other levels too, moderator perhaps? and if we get elaborate, policeperson, judge, jury, peers
    wayyy too far there

    enforcer? person who enforces the ticket ? (really just nag messages the person who got the ticket to buy etc a beer)

    gonna need payment system... because obviously people will buy "beers" using our gateway, and people will pay the ticket infraction (to the accuser maybe) and we tkae a cut of that as well

    Just really, like touching the surface on monetization there


    what else...

    I can commit a few hours over the next few days to this.


    All money will be divided by contribution.

    But mostly this is about fun, too.
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    @taigrr who said anything died?
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    @Jakuho how does one create this in php and put it "in an android container"

    never done that before, i'm assuming there's some way to do it, just curious if you know off the top of your head so I can familiarize myself a little
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    My rule for controllers is, I use it as a TDD environment then fill in the rest when implementing.

    So I can have whatever code I want there, and fill it up with methods/classes.

    If lots of methods and responsibilities, then outside classes

    if a few, I keep it in the controller in a method

    really there's no hard and fast rules with controllers except, don't make them massive
    make them something you can glance at real quick 3 months from now and understand each line of code and what its doing

    In the end, if the responsibility of the controller is small and well defined makes it easier to take care of itself.

    I'd rather have 10 controllers with 2 methods each, in well defined single responsibilities, then 2 massive ones with 10 methods each. No thanks.
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    my bad, i kinda stopped checking devrant (got loads of work rn) but i'm still in! should have more time in december to implement stuff!
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    Php/Laravel is best for a rest service to support the application. as it gets to production quickly and its easy to manage. So for backend the stack is best..

    For frontend mobile app, i would suggest ReactNative or Ionic.

    How much of the feature set is complete ? I had a similar idea , which involved a wider community, like how about instead of just using the application to complain or complement.. Why not encourage people to put their code ( classes or few lines of some unit of work ) and let the community suggest !!

    incorporating your idea in it, The community can punish and reward the person
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    I also like quasar. If you haven't seen it, check it out.
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    Can anyone suggest a good theme that's easy to work with, maybe something close to DevRant?

    Or at least, where to look for one?

    My first few steps in a project is a very rough blueprint, and a wireframe of the website.

    From there I let inspiration and competition research guide me. Though, there's not really competition here, but maybe inspiration.

    Can anyone suggest something similar to model off of, or to help with brainstorming?

    Also... I'm not big on Discord, I find it's overly complex (cuz i never used it much) but that's the point, I don't use it much.

    I like Trello and skype. Call me crazy, or old fashioned.

    I'm going to go ahead and start with these few things... god knows when. Hopefully soon.

    The hardest part is getting started, and sticking around when the sexiness wears off.
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    how about resources for "code smells" or similar, anyone know any offhand
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    I would have collaborated but you are using PHP. you deserve a ticket for this
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