librespot-java, the Spotify open source client library

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Existing open source project

librespot-java, the Spotify open source client library

This is the Java port of the Rust version of the project. The main infrastructure is pretty much done, but there's still a lot of work to do. Having a GUI wouldn't be bad, for example.
Tech Stack
Java, basic knowledge of Rust to understand the original code
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    UI: do you mean a CLI, or an actual GUI?
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    @ScriptCoded both, but I can do the CLI on my own.
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    @Gianlu So that'd be it's own repo? Apart from the library?
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    @ScriptCoded I guess you could have a separate project depending on the main one, but a module would be fine.
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    @Gianlu I was simply thinking that making the footprint bigger than necessary would be, well, unnecessary :p

    But what are you thinking for a UI? Like the Spotify one? Complete ripoff to show how well it works?
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    @ScriptCoded I think that redoing it would be nice (not an UI developer, I don't even know where to start). I am more interested in the CLI, it'd like it to be something that only a geek would use.

    Side note: when I started porting librespot my idea was to create a big media center that could stream from pretty much any source and you could have playlists made up by songs coming from various services. That's my dream.
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    @Gianlu That actually sounds pretty nice
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    they have open API or something?
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    @angelbirth no, everything has been build by disassembling their clients. Take a look at https://github.com/librespot-org/...
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