An open source replacement to the Google home and Amazon Alexa.

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Asher. <br /> <br /> An open source replacement to the Google home and Amazon Alexa.

Sure, people have said it before. People have even made physical robots that are "replacements" to Google home and Amazon Alexa. ... But nothing like this. Introducing Asher. A modular "boy" that will have a conversation with you, if he can't find any module that suits the message he has received. Asher has his own Brain, with data he has learnt from movies, that he uses to interact with you when needed. He can connect to potentially any messaging platform that already exists, as long as they have API that allows for recieveing and responding to messages. Module systems are extreme easy to build, with built in NLP for each module, to really make sure you get the data you want. The reason I am reaching out to you guys today, is because I'm sick of people not knowing about this. Rather than paying for API.ai access, or something similar. Just use Asher, he is easy to setup, easy to maintain. And can even handle a full conversation in a module, and outside. I am looking for help. All help is good help. Doesn't matter if it is going through the issues, or making modules to make him better, or even just commenting code. I would love the company. Someone once asked me. "How do you plan to make money from this?"... That's the thing, I don't. This should be free to the world, and not limited. Thankyou for taking the time to read this. Love - Crazywolf
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