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AntiAdBlock Detector

As anyone knows, an increasing number of websites are adding anti AdBlock and asking users to turn off AdBlock to continue browsing their content. The idea is to make a browser extension to detect this behavior and prevent it since they are doing it in client side it will be easy to develop an extension to prevent that. Potential contributors are expected to have a general background in js and extension development. You can join this discord server if you are interested https://discord.gg/kAa4WN
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    @2lazy2debug yes, it's seems like that, but I think there is a general solution to this.
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    If this thing gets common they will develop a "anti anti... ad block"
    But the idea is solid, would be great.
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    I use Private Browsing most of the time. When I encounter sites that are anti adblock or anti private browsing I just become anti site. I vote with my feet.

    I appreciate someone working on a solution though.
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    But couldn't they just write some JavaScript to load the ad, and after the full screen ad is loaded, the content is loaded in JavaScript behind it.

    Try to block the ad from loading and you block the content.

    Then you wise up, and write js to load the content without the ad (which introduces some XSS and CSRF issues) but then they implement some server side checks....

    This is a bandaid solution at best. It's a cat and mouse game.
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    It's JavaScript so you can block it, ScriptSafe and NoScript both do that pretty well...
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    Just for reference (I'm not author):
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