An infinite post board

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Existing open source project

An infinite post board

An infinite post board, except it’s on an infinite grid. I have the project built before, with user registration, posting and the grid itself. However, I think I should redesign the whole thing. For now I have taken the website offline. However you can still see some screenshots if you view my profile. I think this could be a long term project, and would be great if someone wants to work on it with me.
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JavaScript, vuejs
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    I’d be down to contribute
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    @phat-lasagna I can invite you on GitHub so you can look at the current codes, which I haven’t touched for about 3 months lol
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    @K-ASS I followed you on GH, I won’t put my GitHub on here bc I wanna stay anon. I can also send you an email if you can’t tell who followed you (can’t remember if GH does notifications for that)
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    @phat-lasagna I invited you, you can run the backend locally and change the requests in frontend so it sends to local storage, whole thing runs on mongodb
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    @K-ASS wanna setup a project so we can start working on design stuffs?
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    @phat-lasagna maybe on weekend? I have some other things to work on right now.
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    Html5 grid layout

    Define column layout and let the Browser arange the elements.

    Like pinterest?
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    @max19931 not really, my previous version was that all posts will spiral out from origin, and you have a navigation system to go to a coordinate as the number of posts grow.

    Right now I’m thinking about removing the spiral out part and let user put a post at arbitrary coordinate
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    @K-ASS the sprial Animation is changing a lot of elements, which will kill performance on less powerful hardware, especially less powerful GPUs.
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    @max19931 oh no there is no spiral animation.

    So imagine, the first post on this board is centered at 0 0, now just imagine every post is contained in the same box and the box is of the same size. Now, you can put the next 6 posts around the center post, and next post will go outwards etc.

    In reality, posts have different size, so I will calculate a place to put it, but the posts positions are spiraling out.

    Whenever a user visits a grid, I will fetch the posts in that grid, and the posts in the neighboring grid.
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