Alexa's a party girl.

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    I mentioned this already some days ago
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    not much of privacy there huh?
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    "glitch causes radio to switch on randomly" <-- boring
    "alexa starts playing music randomly" <-- AI, singularity, we're doomed, the robots will take over
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    Based Alexa is based
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    Wait what? To be serious here. It was an misunderstood audio task given over the owners smartphone while he wasn't at home... To play music at the alexa device. Police had to come due to noise disturbances in the night.

    I'm wondering why Amazon hasn't thought about using the GPS for that. So alexa can ask if someone would really like to listen to music where he basically can't hear the music.
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    @paradonym I’ve done this to my wife. It’s hilarious! Especially with the fire tv
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    @windlessuser alexa, play "Rick astley, never gonna give you up" when you hear my wife coming home from the supermarket.
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    @paradonym she’s doing exactly that right now! Will post results!
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