Please do not flame me for makimg yet another Firefox rant. Besides, this is not about Quantum in particular and is definitely a self rant.
It was some time last month; i saw somebody here say something about Firefox Developer Edition, and I decided I wanted to be a big boy and try out big boy tools. I downloaded the tarball, unzipped it, and put the folder in my /opt/ directory. But it didn't work.

NO. My brain didn't work.

I forgot that Firefox comes default on Ubuntu, and I also seemed to inconveniently forgot that taskbar icons are not magic mind readers. I opened firefox and lo! Not a fuck changed; i was confused, but too busy to care enough to figure out the issue; I chalked it up to I wasn't meant to have nice things and went on with my life.
Fast forward to today, I got it up. And let me tell you, I am pissed with myself. I haven't opened a single webpage yet and I can already tell from the customization possible and the built-in tools alone that I'll be enjoying working in this browser very much.

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    You mean it has devtools?
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    @mzeffect well yeah, it does have the standard devtoolw we expect any browser to have, but it also has other built in tools such as an eyedropper, screenshot tool, a Web IDE (though i don't know how this one works yet), animation profiler, a dev toolbar, and a few other useful goodies
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