Anyone else scared that this fucker can back flip now!?


Anyone know any fuckers that work at BD? We need to get them reall drunk so they don't accidentally iRobot us.

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    Was wondering when a comment about that was going to hit here, I rather prefer robots/androids and/or alien overlord taking over the world over what we currently have, doubt it will be worse
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    @legionfrontier I had a quick skim to see if I could find any.

    But mother fucker can back flip.

    All hail Atlas, our new robot overlord. Bringer of humanity v2.0, back flipper of worlds.
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    @-vib- you are either way too optimistic or you are heavily shortsighted of the future if you dont see the bigger picture we currently have and Im not just talking politically wise, economically and resources wise and the people mentality both current and the upcoming one and so on and on
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    @-vib- how you know an ai overlord or alien invasion would be worse?

    What if the AI realises it's true goal is to make humanity happy? What if the aliens are bros? 😜
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    @-vib- I honestly think we need a hostile takeover of BD before they bring on the robotpocalypse.

    That and every now and then we should abuse a self-serve so that they don't want to take errr jerbs.
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    @-vib- too lazy to retype all this stuff so please read what we wrote here https://devrant.com/rants/1014154/...
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    and stop with the fear mongering
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