I am so pissed at all the shit I have to do to publish a simple app on the playstore. Every 2 phrases is a threat to ban my account, and target audience, and privacy policy, all of this for an app that is absolutely not serious. And I am not even started with the Apple Store because I am too broke this month to throw $100.

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    Agree with you. Thats why i learned vue.js. the only upside to having an android app is that its usable while offline (but who has a smartphone without constant internet access anyways?)
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    Play Store and App Store policies suck these days. If an app is bad, let the users downvote it to oblivion, like in the old time. Please don't bother us with filling up this form and that form. It's so annoying.
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    @daniel-wu it’s not even about that, doubt the app would be downvoted (and if it is it’s because of the ad banner but meh, I accept it), but all their rules are annoyingly stupid, their mails unclear and their ban threats unbearable.
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    Maybe they don't want apps from small dev teams? This could be a purposeful barrier to entry to weed out small devs. Make it so miserable people just stop writing apps.
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