I started writing a rant about my boss a while ago.

Never sent it.

Woke up to signal messages from her to our core team signal group that she’s been let go.

Starting to think maybe there is a god, because she was really pissing me off and micromanaging and making me want to quit my awesome job.

Also the new boss doesn’t want to bother making a job description for me but instead wants me to let him know what path I want to take, which certifications , etc.

Also got a maxed out m3 MacBook Pro today. The sleek black edition. My team is going to get our Dowding team logo etched into it.

Today was better than Christmas. Almost best day of my life.

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    That’s the last thing I’ll say about ex boss though.

    No need to look back, I’ve got a great year ahead of me.
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    You really don't want sales people with code skills somewhere on the first hill of Dunning-Kruger in your codebase though.. Or anywhere, really.
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    Give me your new boss please
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    > macbook

    you have my sympathies.
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    Im curious what type of company you're in... though not the same methodology, i tend to prefer training/education vs new hires, but I've noticed most companies dont work that way.
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    @awesomeest my team is nested inside a sCUAS program

    I lead a team of two other software engineers to fulfill requirements of various government/federal contracts with various military agencies on a web app that allows users to track live drones and view historical drone data.

    There is another small team of two engineers led by another guy, they are more hardware and work towards exploits of drones to find mitigations or ways to detect and decrypt their signals. (They do software too kind of, to manage fleets of devices that capture drone data and send it to a hardened gov cloud)

    Though my main focus is software, they are totally open to me exploring radio frequencies and that tech to dive into that world and see if I can help innovate new ways to detect more types of drones etc.

    Pretty niche

    Never thought a job like this would exist. It’s pretty legit, especially after this non engineering boss was canned
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    @jfuginay sounds amusing. But hey, that also sounds way more likely to exist. My first job (2010) i was originally contacted via email due to a small post i made on a website over 2 yrs earlier... for being paid, hourly, to be a chat host for a bingo site (it evolved to more). This was back when chat mods being paid wasnt considered a real thing. The average person in any chat room with any mod abilities was either the person who created it or the ones that had so much free time in that chat so they were made into a mod... like the type of people whod edit Wikipedia... back when people knew what an encyclopedia was.
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