New job surprise: I will inherit a 900k lines of php code from a contractor dev shop. It is the company erp web app.
It has no version control, tests, architecture or configuration management of any kind.
There are just 1800 bug ridden files with almost no comments in a directory with lots of code duplication.
Also just learned that the contractor was paid a lot monthly for over 2 years for this monster.

I will need a raise quickly. At least management understands that I will need a couple of months to get a semblance of order in this madness.

And to you contractor I have your address and i'll try to restraint myself from vandalizing your house but I can't make any promises.

And fellow developers send help or beers or come and join me to teach this bastard a lesson.

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    Well fuck 900k Lines ? XD
    Good luck brother i feel with u
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    Where do I sign? For vandalizing his house of course.
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    I'm in for both of course, its the perfect opportunity to learn sth new.
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    I would just rebuild it to be honest. Would be doing yourself and the company a favor in the long run.
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