Can anyone please help me troubleshooting my PC? My PC won't boot even to BIOS. This happened several times in the past but usually jiggling the cables would do the trick, this time it doesn't.

What happened: PC powered up, power light went on, all fans turned on just fine, hdd light turned on for a few seconds before turning off, monitor didn't catch any signal from the HDMI

What I have tried with no luck:
- unplugged and replugged SATA cables, fans, mobo 24 and 8-pins connectors
- moved the harddisk to another SATA and power connector
- flushed the CMOS memory
- removed RAMs
- unplugged speaker, keyboard and mouse
- switched it on without the HDD connected

Any suggestions?

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    Does it give you any beep codes? If not you mobo probably died :(
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    @b3b3 no it doesn't....... oh god please noooo :((
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    @fyzrn have you even got an beep thingie? I know that usually PCs don't have them anymore. At a working boot it usually beeps one time on mine
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    You should indeed check if the motherboard even has a speaker.
    Also check the power supply and if possible test it with another working power supply.
    You can also try to unplug all peripherals and run it only with ram.
    Als try to unplug the ram and see if it beeps then (running with no ram should cause beep codes)
    Otherwise it might be a dead motherboard.

    Hope it helps.
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    @b3b3 @gizmo3399 you're right, I don't think my mobo has that beep thingy, it didn't make any beep sound when I turned it on without any RAM on 😂 I'm gonna get one tomorrow along with some tools to diagnose my PSU, thanks guys!
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    @rapidslug yup, I've tried clearing the CMOS, no luck :/

    The manual suggests that I try unplugging the battery if clearing the CMOS didn't resolve the issue.. now that I haven't tried yet because the battery is located under the big ass GPU
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    @rapidslug it's an ASUS board which has a CLRTC jumper, moving the CLRTC jumper cap from pins 1-2 to 2-3 would supposedly clear the CMOS
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    So I installed an internal speaker and turned my PC on, and....

    It didn't make any beep at all......

    Does it mean my mobo's dead? :")
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    @rapidslug yup, I have.. I verified that the monitor was working fine by plugging it to my playstation. Then I tried connecting the monitor to the PC using both HDMI and VGA cables, also tried the both the ports on motherboard and on the GPU, still no luck

    I think I do have to bring it to a PC repair shop for breadboarding after all..

    Anyway, thank you very much for your suggestions! I learned a lot :)
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