SmaRT poiNTeRs ArE tHE fUtuRE of c++

Well why don't they FUCKIGN WORK CORRECTLY.

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    Guess whose fault it was? MINE. OF COURSE.

    I needed to make the WebCrawler inherit PUBLICLY from std::enable_shared_from_this<WebCrawler>

    I am going to KILL MYSELF in minecraft.
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    This is the most characteristically C++ issue I'd seen this year. "It's technically my fault, I forgot to follow the checklist associated with calling this member function" is the quintessential C++ experience
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    Wait, if you need to publicly inherit from a class in order for a member on shared_ptr to work correctly, why isn't it defined on a specialization of shared_ptr that statically enforces this requirement?
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    Or, actually, why isn't it defined on the enable_ class itself? I mean, it already uses CRTP, that means it can define methods that are equivalent to descendant methods, no?
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