Automate this!

I'm an aspiring coder working some chappy administrator job just to pay the bills for now. My boss found out that I may actually be more computer literate than I let on.

Boss: "I want you to make X happen automatically if I click here on this spreadsheet"

Me "X!? That means processing data from 4 different spreadsheets that aren't consistently named and scraping comparison info from the fronted of the Web cms we're using"

Boss: "if you say so.. Can you do it?"

Me: "maybe.. Can I install python?"

Boss: "No..."

Me: "what about node.js or ruby?"

Boss: "no.. I don't know what you're talking about but you're not installing anything, just get it done"

Me: "Errm Ok.."

So here I am now, way over my head loving the fact that I'm unofficially a Dev and coding my first something in Powershell and vb that will be used in business :)

Sucks that I still have to keep my regular work on target whilst doing this though!

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    Simply say "Python is a scripting language designed for automation"

    Not entirely true, but might work.
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    Tried it. ( I love python btw) but they're having none of it they don't care about making my life easy... Just worrying about how would anyone fix or modify my stuff when I leave them if I'm using a custom thing nobody knows about.

    Thing is, I'm already doing that! Nobody in the office knows about vb or Powershell so really what difference would it make. Aragh!!
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