This is your friendly reminder to trim whitespace from strings before saving them to a DB

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    Without any further context: No.
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    Entirely depends what it is.
    An article? Absolutely.
    A password? Retroactively fuck your mother with a rusty hanger.
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    Is this a veiled didn't sanitize inputs issue?
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    this is your not-so-friendly reminder to just use parameterised queries and stop giving a fuck _what_ the user enters.
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    @Demolishun It is absolutely a veiled “didn’t sanitize inputs” problem.
    They are not passwords or articles or any kind of freeform content, they are IDs which will later be queried against.
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    @LLAMS how do those ids end up having trailing or leading whitespace? Does someone enter them manually? If so, why?
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    @Lensflare Entered manually to a GraphQL mutation
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    id: “26’; DROP TABLE students; -- “
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    @Root Joke’s on you it’s a DynamoDB table. Checkmate hackers. Oh wait, now you know…
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