OK I'm getting real tired of people posting stuff about Net Neutrality on here, as we all know about it at this point.

The one thing that gets me more angry is that these people get it wrong.

People look at this Net Neutrality thing and instantly think: "Oh, well, I would have to pay more. That's bad."

What it really is is that your ISP can see what you have been searching and would be allowed to send that information to a third party, or change the speed of your internet if you search something their sponsors don't like.

This is what you should be worried about. Your privacy, not your wallet.

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    Don't they already know what we're searching for?
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    @nikola1402 I'm pretty sure they do, but the point of the bill is that they will be allowed to do something with it.
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    @BitFlipped The people that you mention don’t get the whole picture, but nor do you if you believe that pricing does not come into play...
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    @koukou Of course it is, but that's all people are thinking of
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    @BitFlipped to me it’s the whole package. Eg if they guaranteed privacy but not pricing that would have tremendous implications to low income families and how disassociated they would be with tech. I pay for VPN, not everyone does and it’s cool we can’t all have the same views and concerns . As long as there are strong voices supporting net neutrality I am happy( even though they are for different reasons)
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