What would you think about sharing something cool (preferably tech related), or weird, or f-ed up about the country or the city you live in?

I'll go first, here in Cluj-Napoca, Romania the internet really fast and dirt cheap like 1gbps fiber for 15€/month.

2. The government paid like millions of € to add ticket vending machines for public transportation and they mostly don't work, I managed to crash one while buying a ticket. Card payment is not functional on like half of them. Also they run Windows......... What a joke...

Looking forward to hear your stories on this topic!

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    I pay $90/month for 150 m/sec, and it craps out every time the wind blows, Nevermind when it's snowing... Maybe I should move to Romania!
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    I pay 93 aud for 15m/1m. Welcome to Australia.
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    I pay ~ 6.5 €/month for 25M up and down unlimited.
    I pay annually though so there's some discounts for that.
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    Did…did europe westernize internet?
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