That moment when you get called by an 'Microsoft help desk' telling you have a problem with your computer...

I run on Ubuntu 16.04... Server....

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    Just play along and try to get them to download and execute a crypto virus!
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    @linuxxx well they wanted me to install a security lea...I mean screensharing software called Teamviewer... noooo thank you 😉
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    I once got really far into playing along and then called the guy out. Then he proceeded to go ape shit calling me all sorts of names. After 5 - 10 minutes of that we became friends.
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    I have had a few of those to.

    One of them I was tired and irritated and decided to just scream incoherently into the phone.

    The caller actually transferred the call to his supervisor before they realized I was mocking them and they hang up.

    Took about 2 minutes and I managed to vent quite a lot of anger ;)

    My daughter also had a very hard time to to laugh out ruining it :D
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    @Voxera I should have messed with them for a while... But they called me when I was debugging 😅 so I was buried in my code
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