Looking at new jobs in my area. This company is looking for an entry level full stack developer with “eights” years of experience. And preferred to have a masters degree. Probably only paying half the normal rate I bet too.

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    That's nothing, in my country I've seen companies asking for Fullstack web, android and iOS, .net & C all in one JD.
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    Whats is wrong withs the employer thats asks for eights years of the experience!
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    Who the fuck would want to get entry level jobs when they have 8 years of experience in Java/Python, and have a master’s degree? I guess if the person’s still single and really want to go into web dev, but the person’s probably in his/her late 20’s or early 30’s by the looks of the description.
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    Boss: "SaaS experience please, extra brownie points for PaaS or IaaS"

    HR, drafting the job ad: "Are those skills really necessary for writing WordPress plugins for our blog?"

    Boss: "I don't know, but the words sound cool. I've always wanted to use them. And brownie points... that's like a cryptocurrency right? We should use more hip words!"
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