My company is supposed to be 'remote friendly'

Any request to work from home is a fight to get approved, regular days frequently get cancelled for vital meetings and best of all our infrastructure is so shit the VPN drops silently every 5-10 mins. Good luck doing a big merge or getting latest code.

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    And don't forget, every windows communication program (outlook, Skype for business, i.e.) immediately forgets the password you gave them 5 mins ago and shows focus stealing popups to prompt for it again.
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    Ouch. That's a bummer.

    I don't know the particulars of your network, VPNs can be a right bastard to keep open on rural copper.

    You might have a look at Guac-Dev. It takes some toe stubbing to setup the server, but once done you can redirect rdp over https. Put simply, remote desktop through your browser.
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    Oh yes, it's an in house enterprise it service so nothing works particularly well. Even in the office.
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