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    Welcome to devRant!!
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    Ah the old client androideroo!
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    How can he have answered the messages, if even didn’t receive them
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    Welcome to DevRant! :)
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    Welcome, and good luck with that client. I'll be looking forward to all the rants.
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    this happens way too often
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    @bcye You can turn off MessageDeliveryReports in Whatsapp. Meaning if someone turned off this feature, they would seem to never read any of the messages you'd send them. But voice messages will be checked neverless.
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    @fuyukine hehe I like how you PascalCased that
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    WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    @fuyukine Yes but the single tick means not delivered. However as @ebourgess said, it could be a group chat
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    Omg !
    What on earth these clients are ???
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    As an iPhone user (and a tech newb) I’m confused as to the issue? Why couldn’t an iPhone open a google drive file?
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    @KingOf1World It's an apk, which stands for Android Package Kit. You can download them from anywhere (in this case, Google Drive) without having to have the app on the Play store
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    This is a common stupidity for clients I guess. I had the same experience weeks ago.
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    At that moment nathan knew he fucked up
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