My company’s upper leadership is sooo focused on the NUMBER of defects that are open on our project and only the number. We give each defect a priority of P0, P1, or P2. You would think this would help prioritize and strategize our plan to fix them. But nope. Every week we have some arbitrary “goal” to hit. A number purely made up by clueless leadership as to what makes a “quality” product.

On Friday’s, managers start harassing devs to merge their fixes and for QA to close out defects. So effectively rushing to hit that arbitrary number or else we’ll have to work Saturday.

Meanwhile they want more test automation coverage to reduce the incoming defect rate. But when the fuck do we have time to develop said tests when all you want is the defect closed to bring down your precious little number?!

They’d rather us close 25 P2 defects to bring the number down rather than 10 P0 or P1 defects. These leaders are so incompetent it kills me! Without any back story, they’re ultimately the reason we’re in this position in the first place! Argghhh!

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    What they are asking actually sounds quite reasonable.. maybe you are understaffed though? if there are defects in any system they need to be fixed. Perhaps for each fix you could write a unit test that demonstrates the issue - by failing. Then when the fix is done the test will pass. This way you are increasing coverage and fixing the bugs.
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    Example bugs:
    • "Simultaneous writes to the database cluster randomly cause corruption and data loss"
    • "Authentication silently fails in about 5% of cases"
    • "The spacing is incorrect in this view"

    All are defects, but their priorities definitely differ.

    Management prefers that they fix the last one, while the first is obviously the most important -- it's just much more difficult.

    To them, more trivial > fewer critical. Therein lies the issue.
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