Asp seems to actually have feelings.

Today I tried to get an asp page to run for company stuff. Ok fair enough I load apache and all the modules required for it to run on Ubuntu. Everything went fine and nothing complained what a great start!
Let's create a directory called /var/www/html/astrash ( I wanted to be fun ok? ) and created a sample index.asp file and configured the paths etc accordingly.
So I went to my beloved browser and typed in localhost/astrash/index.asp
Guess what happened? Right. I could only download the file.
Tried to change several things and Googled a bit but the things I tried didn't work.
So I figured let's create the directory /var/www/html/asp and an index.asp to go along. Same content. Same owner same access bits.
Went to localhost/index.asp and I saw the sample page!
I laughed my ass off at this actually thinking asp knew that I was a dick in naming the folder like that 😂

PS: yes I know it's probably a misconfiguration but it's funny nonetheless

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    Its funny that no one here seems to appreciate this.

    This man (the op) knows the arcane magic of building pages with the Apache ASP stack.

    Not many around here code in that.

    I classify you as an arcane wizard.

    And I am not being sarcastic man, I think its pretty cool that you know this stuff.
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