Windows things. Someone's antivirus had been expired.

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    I've seen computers suddenly go slower when the antivirus expired, then run normally after the expired antivirus was uninstalled. I have a suspicion that some antivirus software does it to make people think they have a virus and renew their subscription.
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    Anti-virus doesn't make computer to run faster.
    Smart people don't need anti-virus on their machine because they know where we can find right things on internet rather than downloading junk wear which contains malwares.
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    If you have to use Windows, use an open-source anti-virus. Will get you some names later.
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    I wish my antivirus license expired :(
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    Was using Norton for years. It uses 99% CPU. *Delete* now I use linux.
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    @MCCshreyas +1
    Long time since I last installed an antivirus on Windows and I never had any problem.
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    @JoshuaS antivirus are the true malwares
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    You can catch things nowadays just by looking at a webpage, without needing to download anything.

    You can even catch things not looking at a webpage too..
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    Please stop using antivirus...

    Not clicking on fraudulent links and not downloading suspicious files will give you much better protection than any antivirus ever could.
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    @NGPixel Trouble is nowdays, just visiting a site can cause you to catch a virus, you no longer need to download anything !

    And some perfectly reputable sites can have their advertising feeds infected, so you can no longer say, keep away from the dodgy sites.

    Thus, antivirus is really necessary.

    A firewall is a good idea too..
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    There's this great tool that anti-viris companies hate, it's called common sense.
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