Yo folks,

how do you calculate your pay?
I mean if you are freelancer..
I want to get clients beside my apprenticeship, but dont know the regular payment for devs..
And yeah.. ofc there are so much differences inside the structure of something (websites, apps, programs) and the place you live.
Its more like i wanna know how much can you offer per hour for some shit.
For example easy websites, e-commerce, web shop, apps.. etc.
What would you seriously take for each hour of work? (some examples would be nice )
Thanks you, everything appreciated

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    Tree fiddy
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    @jakobev on a serious note it might be a good idea to look up average salaries in your country as a starting point
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    @Bl00D4NGEL sure i did.. but i dont know any dev personally in my country yet,but the people in my apprenticeship. But no one of these guys and a pretty girl are working or want to work beside it.. i get information about working in a company and the year payment but nothing about "good freelancing"
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    Supply and demand, when your busy put the price up and when your not bring it down, average is about £80 (GBP) an hour for me. Hourly is the same for any kind of work.
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