If you search for c tags, the first post is c#, even with "c".

Happens on every stackoverflow search too.

This is the only reason I don't like c. If I need help with a simple problem, 50 lines of template code is not the answer ;(

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    I think you mean c++, c does not have templates as such even if you can mimic them with macros.
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    @Voxera no I forgot to mention c++. I always get a c++ or c# result when I search for c on the web or devrant. I also didn't knew c# doesn't have templates.
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    @ynnuW C# has generics, which are essentially runtime templates
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    @Krokoklemme not runtime. They are compiled into classes just as templates.

    But c# has dynamics which are compiled on the fly runtime in a jit way. But that has nothing to do with generics directly.
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