My girlfriend got me these for christmas – as she wanted to gift me the most nerd-ish tshirt she could find.

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    @oseba Rarely, mostly she likes to rant on me for coding and not having all my attention on her xD
    I'm so sorry ^^

    (Btw I never order pizza. But I know why she chose this one)
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    Sure hope that OrderPizza also waits for the pizza or you'll have a lot of pizzas on your hands
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    Should have && !PizzaOrdered before the orderPizza so that you can keep coding after you have ordered pizza
    Then add a if (PizzaEaten) {
    PizzaOrdered = false;
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    Hey look PHP 😍😘♥️
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    Footer outside body tag?
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    @valium123 yup. I showed her some HTML and she fucks it all up even more. Like <div2>, why not if <h2> works? xD
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    @valium123 exclamation mark instead of open parenthesis

    Well, she tried ^^
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    @jAsE God hates you, buddy. It's not </footer> in your issue but <footer>
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    @Krokoklemme It's just an illusion. Zoom and focus. You will see.
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    @NotFound yup, my bad ^^'
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    @dextel2 umm could be jQuery
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    @iamroot I thought that, too xD
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    @jespersh don't see a while loop...
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    @irene you make a lot of sense 😁
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