Nope.. Not doing that.

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    Lol same
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    You could try a prepaid visa that way your actual card isn't tired to anything.
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    @DebRogue make an avatar!
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    Don't have a credit card so they won't get me as a customer.
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    This reminds me of Google Cloud Services and Microsoft Azure. Although I just wanted to use the free services, they still wanted to get my credit card number. Cunts.
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    Chill. They want your cc to be sure that same person cant take advantage of free trials.
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    Reminds me of a company who does a one month free trial, and again needs your credit card number, but..

    At the end of the month's free trial, they always bill the customer for the next month, even if you cancel before the first month is up !

    I queried this countless times over 30 years, that they shouldn't do that !

    But each time they came back with some convoluted logical reason why they had to do that, and they wasn't trying to con the customer at all.

    I pointed out to them that such practices do not help to get you customers !

    Oh you haven't heard of them, well, no wonder as they barely have a few thousand customers and are lucky if they get one new customer a month !

    It isn't like I haven't had their ear for 30 years, but they stubbornly refuse to listen to customer feedback !

    If you are going to offer a month free, then its free, and no charging automatically for the second month as that pisses people off !
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    it's a trap
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    First picture: lazily reposting

    Second picture: posting original content
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    Happens to me all the time. 😂
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    There are 2 reasons:
    - The service needs an accurate authentication of the user so they require a credit card to read your info (example: free books in Google play)
    - The first month is free and then you'll find charged other months in your account, if you don't disable it before (example: Spotify, netflix)
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    Like Spotify and YouTube. Can't trust them
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    LOL, it depends on your card. There are cards which don't require entering their numbers. So, you can read a review on one of them on https://myinforms.com/credit-cards-... I think this is a good card and it is definitely much more beneficial than the most popular ones.
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