Tldr: boss needs his priorities sorted

So as I already wrote about this issue earlier (in a comment) now it's time to actually write the rant...

I'm working between the holidays, not much just doing planning with the boss. Mind you, startup company, so limited resources and all, that's why I'm on planning as well.

So he goes to the whiteboard and draws a line in the middle, writing headings to each side: Need (Panic) and Nice (ASAP). It's starting off well.
We add about 10-ish items to each side, which is kind of okay - then he starts highlighting with different colors within the Need list saying okay, red circles we need NOW, green circles... "Now but later".

How do I not laugh? And now he wants to do even more priorities within these sections and a Soon list just as last time...

This is getting really ridiculous.

Send help (and coffee)

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    my colleague introduced the saying, if everything has priority nothing has priority
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    @stevenliemberg yip! I agree totally. And if anything is priority 3 or more it does not get done.
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    Don't get me wrong: i totally agree. Also, the whole thing could have one set of numbering/priority score (or call it however).
    What I do have a problem is even after explaining why we can't just have everything done at the same time, is boss making these hideous lists...
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