One year ago I made a resolution to do one of two things: get serious about learning neural networks, or finish one of the side projects (markdown based wiki with some nifty features). Didn't do the first one, and got the second one to about 50%.

Not really happy as I did not complete any goal. Still some decent work was done and built an open source parser. So, I guess I am 50% happy.

What were your achievements this year? Did you achieve 100%?

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    My new years resolution last year was to get a sports car. I lost my job for 7 months of the year. So im 0% happy about that. On the plus side my temp job turned into a long term job
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    My 2017 goal was to be less of an asshole, i got about 40% there which is an improvement i guess.
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    @simpleJack an admirable goal. I often wake up with the question: will I be an asshole today?
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