guess how many people get fired from their job? if stack is down..

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    SO engineers just query their db directly
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    They come to devRant to rant about it
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    The docs are an amazing thing... As long as they are well written.

    Worst come to worst read source code it's slower for sure but better then nothing

    if one is using a framework or module, it's just php/js/whatever behind and who knows maybe one can learn new ways of doing things !
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    @Nanos What is up with Usenet namings, like the never ending September, and great renaming, it's like a fantasy book or something!
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    I miss Philosoraptor
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    @Nanos Oh sweet hyperlinks.

    I began reading about Newsgroups and later I was reading about the Goertzel Algorithm for DTMF
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    We might need to go back to *gasp* properly reading documentation...
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    Google cache ;)
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    Start reading documentation :p
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