Tomorrow i have school starting.
Which inspires me to rant about how school fails. Ill omit the "arguments" - feel free to append arguments for my words in the comments. Lol

Dont get be wrong. I LOVE acquiring knowledge. And this is where my first point starts : PACE. My class is basically an assortiment of dumbfucks who dont understand anything without "learning by heart over the course of several weeks"

Ill give you a concrete example.
Our maths teacher wanted to make us think scientifically. So he invented a new type of numbers "root 6 numbers" that are formed like so:
a + b * sqrt(6)
Now he wants us to find out wether the sum of two root 6 numbers is also a root six number. this is all dandy, BUT CLASSMATES STILL DIDNT GET WHAT ROOT 6 NUMBERS ARE, EVEN AFTER SEVERAL EXPRANATIONS. Worse: they went to the main teacher to blacken the math teacher.
Another example would be the time our class needed to understand functions(x) : 4 weeks. Ik, as a programmer i have some ease, but four weeks is a bit too much.

Because of this slow pace, i am irreversibly bored of and in school.
And this leads to another problem: homework. Since i know most of the stuff (the few things i dont get at school, i research at home) the homework are useless to me and since the others dont get much, the homeworks are often more than abundant {in a negative way}.
So i dont do them - but that makes teachers disregard me. Which im sickened of.
Worse: often i dont get overly good grades (i honestly have no clue why. I know everything and go over most of the stuff with my menthor),which empowers teacher of the argument of "you are not good enuff, so you cant read in class".

It would be JUST FINE if the only problem were teachers - but my peers are horrible too.

I know our brains are growing, but thats no reason for being stupid.

I literally get told that i need to stop wearing shorts because they look horrible.

Yep. Also, most people think they are empowered of teaching me and talking about my defaillance - because they do their homework. Even though they know i know stuff better than them.

Now to one of the worst issues: a group work where we had to de a Radio report. The guy (the one who thinks he is intelligent BECAUSE he has good grades) invited himself and his gf to me, he wanted me to translate 22 pages from german to english (because he was too lazy to write in german), wanted me to do audiorecording, audioediting and writing of a report. When i left the group because i was called "weakest link" he spread the word that i he had done everythinh and that because i left his group had failed (noticed the flow in logic?)

NOW everybody thinks of me as stupid weirdo. And honestly - i think i will stop listening to them. Ive always hated people, i dont need a significant other.

Even though this will come with the secondary effect of me being gossiped at.

But honestly its fine.

You might have noticed my elojquent way of expressing myseld. I did that in order to show that i am, despite my grades, overly proficient in english

Ok. So now comes the conclusion. What should i do? Do you Think that i am like that because im pubescent myself? How can i stop having nightmares of every possible social situotion that could occur?
Does this have to do with me being a dev?

Well. ありがとう for reading.

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    Arrg there are several flaws in my text but i cant edit it anymore. Shit lol
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    > How can i stop having nightmares

    The nightmares don't stop..

    On the plus side, you can act out many situations online, its quicker and less stressful !
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    @Nanos act out? Can you please ellaborate?
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    > So i dont do them

    Doing them would help.
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    @Nanos yea. I should.but im lazy and there are too many useless homework
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    > thinks of me as stupid weirdo.

    Yeah, I get that, a lot !

    Not sure I have many answers there, except, if you become rich, folk won't care so much.

    Or if you can find a circle of friends.

    Which can be difficult geographically as usually the next nearest compatible person is like in the next country !
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    @Nanos yea. Thats me. Since im a geek nobody takes me seriously
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    > thats no reason for being stupid.

    People are generally born like that, and you can't change it.
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    > Can you please ellaborate?

    Sure, lets say you want to ask women out.

    Joining dating sites and do that.

    After asking out 250,000+ over several years, I can say the experience has been, educational.

    Collected a lot of data, useful bits here and there.

    Still a nightmare to do it though..

    Want to know what its like walking down a street in a dodgy neighbourhood, play Battlefield 4 !

    Ever wondered what it was like working for a company, or running your own ?

    Play Eve-Online and work for a corporation, or run one yourself !

    I tried several different management styles to see which was more economically productive.

    Dictatorship wins !
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    @Nanos is that really working so well?
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    > nobody takes me seriously

    It is really hard to find folk who do, at least I find.

    Many folk have no concept to what I'm talking about even most of the time, let alone understand me !

    I've tried starting a few Facebook groups and they are very slowly filling up with folk who are smart and understanding, and not complete idiots !

    But its taken a few years, just to find a couple of hundred like such folk who share a common interest.

    Though facebook is hardly a good tool, its about the only one out there for large scale networking. (Just don't post more than 14 messages per 24 hours, or you risk a temp ban..)

    Obviously, we need a better tool than Facebook. :-)

    Here isn't too bad, but its very unstructured and in early development.

    But at least you can type a fair bit without the system banning you for talking too much !

    Though it does appear to have anti-flooding features..
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    @Nanos well i kinda try to distanciate myself from social madia to avoid addiction
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    > is that really working so well?

    I assume you mean the dictatorship bit.

    Hard to tell without threaded messaging !

    In the non-dictatorship approach people spend a lot of time arguing about whose going to do what, and not much time actually working..

    Then you get folk who have personal agendas that are at odds with the group aims.

    Usually, they want wealth themselves, and want everyone else to work instead..

    A dictatorship, if you get a good dictator, can mean anyone trying to avoid work is sacked. (After being given a suitable warning, but usually folk don't listen!)

    But you have to listen to what everyone says, and wants.

    You aren't really there to do what you want, but to do what the group wants, collectively.

    You are the boss, but only in sense you order folk about, after everyone's told you what they should do !

    Or task is to figure out whose right and whose wrong about solutions. :-)

    Note: testing solutions works well !

    Then just run with what works.
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    @Nanos no i woas talking about the "act on the internet bit"
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    > to avoid addiction

    Addiction is everywhere in life, food, gambling, money, sex.

    It helps to try and develop a thick skin of resistance, to do what you want to do, rather than what your instincts tell you to do.

    Hey look, another pizza !

    Hey lo/dok, a hea4rdt attacwe'k !

    Meditation can help there some.

    As well as being incredibly stubborn. :-)

    Do what you want, and to hell with what everyone else wants to do.

    So to speak.

    Minus the, don't do things that will complicate your life.

    Like say, robbing a bank.

    Working in a bank, starting your own bank, all good things. :-)
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    @Nanos sex addiction must be severe
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    > im lazy and there are too many
    > useless homework

    Often getting ahead in life is getting the useless stuff out of the way.

    Think of it like, putting the trash out, washing up dishes, or cleaning the bath.

    No one likes doing it, but it makes life easier if you do.

    Lazy just means you could end up homeless and penniless and wish you had done things differently.

    Not easy mind you, I'm suffering lately from it myself.

    A social network can help there, if you have folk to talk to. (Like here..)

    It can help lift your mood, and motivate you a little.

    It isn't an easy road, but it is one you can travel.
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    @Nanos you are right, i will start doing them!
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    > "act on the internet bit"

    Yes I find that incredibly useful.

    I can test out a huge number of possible solutions involving real people to see what works best, and worst.

    All without too much risk of physical injury. :-)
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    @Nanos mhh. Might try :P
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    @linuxer4fun I somehow get the impression that you are located in Germany, and that you are not yet in the Abitur.

    // What a wierd word. Especially after a few years not caring.

    First of all, there are nerds everywhere, so the hole "find interesting friends" shouldn't be a problem anywhere.

    A switch of school might be a solution too.
    Here in Germany, we have "Berufsschulen" who also host a "gymnasium" in the specific domain of the school.

    I can say that it was one of the best choices that I made, to switch to such a science centered BBS Gymnasium.
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    @RageBone yeo im german. I dont thin my parents will allow me to change school -let alone go to a Berufsschule
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    @linuxer4fun Well, it's worth a try.
    And probably still a while untill you could switch.

    Well, you can actually switch from the 9th grade to the 11th grade on a BBS Gym. At the end of the 11th, you'll automatically get your "Realschulabschluss"

    You should have a look at possible schools and such, and I'm pretty sure that you can convince your parents about switching.
    Statistics for those schools are quiet good.
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    @RageBone Mhh. Well - No I think I will stay at my gymnasium - idk how it is, but I really dont want to mess up my life because I miss a diploma
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    Well, it's your choice.

    In my experience, those who jumped from 9th to the bbs gyms 11th were off better then me and some others who did the normal conversion after the 10th grade.

    To be frank.
    The 9th and 10th grade are to if statements in your life.

    Do you want to continue in school, or do you want to start working and training a job.

    Staying in school is a lazy and easy way, unless you are sure that it is what you want to do.

    Check your options thoroughly and choose wisely.
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    Re. Addiction.

    Try to master it, like say, gambling:

    Buy just one lottery ticket a week, and limit yourself to only one, never buy two !

    Allocate say 1 hour a week to social media, create only one facebook group.

    Watch only X hours of TV a week.

    I think with practice and self discipline, one can help develop more control.

    I think there are some Eastern arts dedicated to that kind of thing.
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    @Nanos Nah im not so into self discipline - When I tell myself stuff I always end up breaking it
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    @linuxer4fun In that case, I recommend a vasectomy. :-)

    Else a future of child support payments awaits you..

    Oh and life insurance, so when you die of overweightness before you retire, your SO doesn't die in poverty.

    Discipline is a very useful skill to develop.

    Patience too.

    Though I'm not sure one can develop that last one. :-)

    I suspect folk are either born with it, or not..

    But I think the former can be trained.
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    @Nanos vasectomy huh... Well Its not like I want a SO and its not like I want to have kids :P
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    @linuxer4fun With poor discipline, its pretty easy to accidentally help produce kids.

    It only takes one time. :-)

    And then you are paying for the next 18 years..
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