Not a good year for Intel, is it? First the two Spectre variants and Meltdown, now the AMT vulnerability.

/Hugs his AMD systems while unplugging the Intel ones.

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    It’s not real’y Intel’s fault, it’s just some stupid companies not changing the password of one of the most crucial part of the computer.
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    @RedBorg There's no I in TEAM 😉
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    @Wallpaper There's no O in table
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    AMD also has the Spectre bug.
    The updates for meltdown are actually not showing noticeable performance decreases.
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    @papierbouwer Not from the stats I've seen, there is a slow down and even random restarts. AMD is barely vulnerable to just one of the Spectre variants, it's unlikely anyone with AMD cares.
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    @Wallpaper oh don’t think that, it’s very dangerous, could be done in a simple js script from a webpage, it can even pass trough VMs
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    @RedBorg The one that AMD is slightly vulnerable to is extremely complicated to pull off. If anyone was trying to get into your system, they'll find an easier way or they must really hate you to use it.
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