So I reach office early , bcz I like to have sun left when I go home.
Other devs arrive almost 3-4 hours after me. And when it's time to leave,
They : you leave so early
Me : yes you ahole. I come early too.

And then they get credits for staying long I'm like yeah if you come at 12-1 you have to stay back.

So fucking frustrating.

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    did you just exactly copy someone else's rant?
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    @marthulu I don't think so. This is something that I experience daily.
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    @siddtankariya might be, but it seems like you used the same wording as well.
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    How does it look like copied!?
    Could you explain..
    "Even I feel something different in the rant" ,unable to figure it out
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    There was a similar rant like this
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    Because this issue is faced by many,
    It's universal problem ,due to many manager's IQ capacity
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    @Nawap I remember a very similar rant, that also mentioned wanting to go home at a time when the sun is still out. I'm not the only one who noticed.
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