- Started learning python
- New semester's about to start in college

...and laptop got recked.

Shows the post screen and crashes and reboots repeatedly. Tried to fix it and now the display doesn't light up and the Hard-Disk makes screeching noise. I didn't even touch the display. HDD maybe.

Removed the HDD and tried to recover it from my friends PC, but it turns out it was already dead. All my data from 1 month ago is gone (thank god for external HDD) and I cannot learn python anymore cause I don't have any backup computer.

I don't even know if I can afford to get it repaired if they say they have to replace the entire motherboard in the laptop.


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    Jupilyter or continuum analytics should host online python notebooks you can run (slowly) from your phone.
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    @starless Do those provide a web console kind of thing to run python code?
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    @succ they provide python notebooks that do. If you need to access system.io, not sure it'll do the trick, but otherwise, you get my favorite python dev environment.
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    @starless Thank you for introducing me to this.

    For anyone who needs it, here's the link:
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