Webdev, I should send a form to a site that gets the results and redirects back to the webpage that stands in an invisible form data (very weird!).
Okay, I did...
When I was finished the site didn't redirect to the URL I gave in the form, instead it showed parts(!) of the webpage's HTML.
Okay, I was a little bit surprised and mailed the dev of this weird thing. He answered with this:
"In this Internet thingy, you know, URLs start with 'http://', it's the newest shit!"
Holy shit! Is he serious!? Who the heck programmes such a site that needs a 'http://' in the beginning? (Does this guy know about https?)
And why, why!?, did it show contents of the target URL's site if you give it one without http!?

I, I will go now and get a mild tea, yeah...

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    It needs http to realise it's a http request. Otherwise it just uses your url as relative path.
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    @okkimus And how does that work? There is no directory like "example.com/bla/ on that server, and specially now with a file that has the exact same content like in it as the URL I am referring to.
    And if that was the case... it would be really stupid. What about https? And how insecure...
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    Well, if the site you want to redirect uses https just replace http with https...duh
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