I'm looking to buy a domain for my Plex server. Basically, what I want is to be able to watch my movies and TV shows, pictures and other stuff just by visiting my own website. Some of the things I have are not really mine, but I protect that by only allowing myself on the server itself, behind a PIN. Is there any way I can get in trouble after buying a domain?

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    Is this going to be a physical server you have yourself, like under the floorboards.. ?
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    So... just point the domain to your pleb server?
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    @ScribeOfGoD @Nanos Yes.

    I lol'd at pleb server
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    Yes. I won't dare to directly expose mine, it's accessible only through a VPN.
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    @ArcaneEye I will also use it to host a blog and a web app I'm working on. The Plex server would be "hidden" from the interface and only accessible if they know the port on which it's hosted and have an account, which no one has apart from myself.
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