- That I never programmed anything "big" or useful.

- that I didn't have a developer job or internship (I am a university student).

- reading job descriptions and seeing the qualifications they ask for.


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    Reading the qualifications and seeing who got the job, you realize you don't have to lie, but you can certainly embellish.
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    You would be surprised how many of those skills You can pick up in a year. I've gone from 30% to 80%
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    Companies ask for a senior like skill but then you find someone who can't even write a class properly took the job.
    Even worse they write on the internship requirements '' minimum 2 years experience '' on a framework/tool/language that no university teach.
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    Go to google, they'll let you intern... (Reference: The Internship) goodluck! haha
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    I understand what you're feeling.. We are exactly the same, don't worry!
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