So I have a dual boot Windows 10 / Ubuntu 16.04.
This evening, I finally decided to update Ubuntu to 17.10.

Note to self, never try to install Ubuntu from the live usb when trying the "demo", prefer to install on boot, because this fucker encountered an error, forced me to reboot then decided to occupy the whole disk and wipe Windows out.

I'm sure that Ubuntu 17.10 was made by DevRant, that's totally something you guys could do 😂

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    well thats the first time i've heard that one
    usually the OS manager wipes ubuntu out of the boot order, or windows just deletes ubuntu entirely
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    @ParkCity yeah something went wrong during the installation, Google told me it was because I was installing while "trying" so it causes problems. So I rebooted, restarted the installation and... There were only one big partition left 😅👌
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    @ParkCity this happened to me a few days ago, but windows wiped arch, not ubuntu. Made me super mad as I had a lot of files I wanted to keep on that partition 🙁
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    @Dacexi feels++ bro 😔

    I also lost ~200 photos from a trip that I should have stocked somewhere online a long time ago, for the rest it was just games so I guess it's for the best
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    Oh yeah. I had experienced it.
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