Guys, why does every idea project I get are already made!

Hey I have an idea, I could create a linux distro to replace those 🤬 windows 7 that have office 2003 and all that crap and that always update at my brother’s school.

I should base it on Ubuntu, as it is the most popular distro with the most support on the Internet (for those teachers that can’t enter a 🤬 ‘ , yes an apostrophe).

It should have all those sweet open source softwares to show the kids the open source world.

It should have a centralized restriction thingy.

How could I name it? Oh maybe Edubuntu, yeah that’s a cool name.

*searches it*

🤬 you!

I guess I could contribute to it, but I think it’s dead

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    My small town has three Mexican restaurants plus a Taco Bell. There are also several used car dealerships and flea markets. If multiple instances of a physical business can exist in place with 55K people there is room in the worldwide OSS ecosystem for your idea. Just build and ship it.
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    @bkwilliams Yeah, I could fork it, or try to revive by adding some freshness, could be a fun project. And could try to convince my brother’s school to try it, but they’re probably too attached to their 🤬 windows 7 with a ton of bug and bad control over them and updates
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    @bkwilliams thx for the words, I wish I had a voice like that talking to me all day
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