When these "LinkedIn recruiters" call me and start the conversation by saying: "We are a growing company and we can't offer you what you are asking for"

Like what!! Really? You called me at the first place!

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    Or .. “I’m aware in your profile says you are only interested in remote positions but I was wondering if you would be interested in relocating to .. [Malta, Gibraltar, Berlin, Amsterdam, Dublin, Frankfurt, Dubai, ...] ..
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    @elQueFaltaba Yes, happens all the time!!
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    @wokeRoach I guess LinkedIn can "learn" your preferences and it'll send you notifications by excluding those 😆
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    Do they also go to the car dealership and say "I can't really pay you what you're asking. Will you accept $20 and a stick of gum?" And really expect something other than laughter?
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    @Root Yeah, they can actually do that!! And they'll not hesitate to do so!
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