Fuck linux. I'll just bring my own macbook to work

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    We need details, you know...
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    @linuxxx Funny. "Fuck Windows" normally doesn't require any details around here. : - )
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    I think my brain just had a mini explosion...
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    I understand being angry at linux, but how anyone can prefer a mac over anything is beyond me. I hope it goes well for you when you try again!
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    @wokeRoach Yes. I also have dealt with Linux bs. So, not that obvious.
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    @linuxxx ok, details:

    I have my dotfiles set up correctly on macOS. Cloned them from a popular repo on github. Install script checks if the OS is mac, to prevent brew install things on linux.

    In the end, I couldn't even run bash commands because "argument list too long" and that was after the third reinstall that day.

    Other attempts resulted in encrypted partitions gone wrong, or window management not working correctly.

    I don't even want to install linux anymore, since I'm obviously doing a lot of things wrong
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    @wildebeest No clue what you're doing wrong tbh.
    For the first error, what did you run?
    Messing up encrypted partitions, that's quite easy to do yes, but then, that's usually not for non technical people either.
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