Our company got bought over from a global private entity 3 months back (advent international) and the reciew process started and it turns out, im part of the bunch that may be getting retrenched as per the meeting we just had, our positions being redundant and just last week had a over the top performance review.. Now i need to figure out what to tell the family when i get home. This Fucking sucks im not going to lie

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    Shit. Are you the sole breadwinner?
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    Normally even if the company gets bought you have a specific time for how long you they have to pay you Even when they want to terminate your contract, at least thats the Case in Germany. So what you do when you come home is, tell your family that now is starting to a Hard time for each of you. Then you sit down update your CV and you contact every single company who offers a Job where you are at least a bit qualified. Then you wait for a company to answer. There is nothing more then that you can Do. And in Germany the Most of the company can write you a Text about your performance which can add to your CV.
    Another thing you can Do would be to Start freelancing while you are looking for a Job.
    Just read that you are from South Africa no Idea how it is there sorry.

    I hope you will get it all Sorted out.
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